Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Laundry Adventures

Ah, Fridays. My newly dubbed Laundry Day. Some of you may think this is depressing, but I enjoy doing laundry. Even more so when I can take a couple hours out of my morning and get all the loads done at the laundromat.

(side note: we did our budget for April and looked at the monthly cost of taking our laundry to the laundromat. My goodness, it's a lot of money! It doesn't seem like much at the time, but it really adds up!)

Fortunately, I found a laundromat that's nearby, in good working order, and barely has any patrons on Friday mornings. I'm selfish antisocial cool like that.

The first time we showed up, the laundry attendant came over to us with a small basket full of toys. Peanut's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and she said quietly under her breath, "wow."

These toys aren't anything special. A lot of them seem to be happy meal toys from various establishments, but by Peanut's reaction you'd think I just gave her the keys to a toy store.

Now that we've been going to this laundromat on a regular basis, she has developed her "favorites" from the toy bin. Let's look at the cast of characters (pardon the photos, but these were taken with my phone under the wonderful fluorescent lighting):

By far, one of Peanut's favorite toys. This toy car has taken many a journey across plastic chairs, washers, and occasionally off-roads on the buttons of the soda machine.

Another car. Not as big and impressive as the first, but this little guy can CRUISE! Often seen on adventures with the one pictured below.

This is the creepiest choice, but she loves it all the same. I get what it is supposed to be [Padme in a royal cruiser (I think? Forgive me if I botched my Star Wars vehicle labeling)], but it's a bobblehead. In a space ship with wheels. No matter...Peanut uses this as her "Super Why!" vehicle.

"Super the RESCUE!"

And no adventure would be complete without a ragtag group of heroes! I give you...
Angry Man!
Condescending Military Guy!
(*pat* *pat* "that's OK tried your best")
Spider Man!

And where does this group hang out in between daring adventures?

On the bible, of course.

When the last item is folded and we are ready to go, Peanut and I put the toys back in the bin and return them to the attendant. Once handed off, I am given this face in protest:

"Mama...I don't wanna GO!"

Though today was different. I think she has figured out we will come back next week (at least until we have a washer of our own).


C. Beth said...

This is so cute! We have one of the weird Star Wars bobbleheads too.

surprised mom said...

That is one weird Stars Wars bobblehead! BTW, I used to get faces like that when I pulled a plug on the fun times. Wait, I think I got one last week (the child is 16). Kudos for you doing laundry in a laundromat. I hated schelepping it to and from when we lived in an apartment.

Mama Zen said...

That last picture is so precious!

Isabella said...

@ C. Beth - I had no idea these existed until I saw it at the laundromat.

@ surprised mom - So...what you're saying is that they do this face forever? Doesn't it get stuck that way? :)

@ Mama Zen - It's much more precious to just look at the picture than to experience it in a public place. :)