Friday, December 12, 2008

Multiplication and me

The chocolate, nuts, and cookies from Wednesday (as mentioned in this post) multiplied. My guess is they got together on Thursday while I was gone and had food babies.

Now there are MORE cookies, MORE candies, MORE chocolate covered nuts...and the new addition: Almond Pecan Honey Corn (a really fancy name for something that resembles caramel corn).

It's a good thing I only work three days a week. With my lack of self-control, I'd be 500 pounds by Christmas.

* * *
I enjoyed my hour of "me time" last night. I took a really hot bath (something I haven't done since before I got pregnant), read a couple chapters of a David Sedaris book, and had an adult beverage.

I was determined to make this evening as indulgent as possible. Seeing as we had no chocolate products to snack on (dang it all!), I figured a drink was the next best thing. Usually I like to sip on wine, but none could be found. All I could dredge up was rum and vodka (potato vodka, for those keeping tabs on my gluten-freeness). So, I created the Isabella-version of a dirty martini:
shot of vodka
a little water
a couple lemon slices
slice of pickle
2 tablespoons of pickle juice (what can I say? I love pickles!)
serve over a few ice cubes
Needless to say, when ShankRabbit and Peanut returned home I was all sorts of relaxed.

This may become a weekly thing (I hope!)...if it does, I will need to make sure chocolate and wine are in our house. Maybe I'll even go crazy and paint my toenails. *gasp!*