Sunday, February 22, 2009

The photo choices

As you can see, I changed out the photo of me from the left-hand side of the blog. I thought the previous photo looked a little too 'drugged' for my taste (I swear I wasn't). Thinking my darling husband must have some kind of photo for me to use, I looked through our photo folders...

Let me just show you the kind of stuff I'm working with -

Reeeal attractive there, Isabella. Stuffing your hot.

Serious girl is serious.

Really? Food again?! know if you keep it up, people are going to think all you do is eat.

Yep. You're a heifer.

Sleeping with your mouth open. How, uh...attractive. I think. Why don't you show them your drooly pillow too?

A little too excited. Yes, it's a football game...caaaalm down, girl.

Let me see if I understand. You fashioned a top...out of your pant legs?
I have no words.