Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Garden 2.0: A New Year, A New Attitude

The previous owners of our home built a 7' x 24' raised bed in the backyard. In the back quarter of the garden (in this picture that would be to the right) are everbearing raspberry bushes.

I was going to leave it be and figure out what to do with it next year, but I started to feel guilty. All this space is just begging for seeds. care. life in vegetable form.

I failed miserably at our herbs and tomatoes last year, but after quite a bit of research on vegetable gardening, I know my mistakes. I know what I must do to give my plants a fighting chance this time.

I did hours of research. I tested the pH level of our soil. I plotted the garden (using a loose interpretation of square foot and companion gardening). Now all that's left to do is buy some supplies and get some of the seeds started.

I will take you all on this journey with me - the ups, the downs, the dirt, and the laughs (c'mon, this is *me* we're talking about here). And hopefully share the fruits - er, vegetables - of my labor.

Oh man...here we go...


C. Beth said...

Wow, good for you! I don't particularly enjoy working in the yard or flower beds, so I've never had a garden. I wish I lived next door so you could bring me fresh produce when you have extra. :-D

Eternal Lizdom said...

I had my first ever veggie garden last year and I also have a blackberry bush. My mom has started seeds for me again this year- hopefully less tomatoes this time around. :)