Friday, March 6, 2009

A body part by any other name...

Ah yes, another Fatherhood Friday. Today's topic: body part names

I'm not talking about your arms or feet...

I hope you know where I'm going with this.

In our household, the women-folk have a "hooha" and then some variation of ta-tas/boobies. I would like to clarify that our child will know the proper terminology for each part, but it won't be our 'go-to' word. This applies to any body part, really - how often do you call your collarbone a clavicle?

I know some mothers prefer not to use nicknames for these parts, going straight for the medical terms. They argue that if the child had to communicate something about these parts (lets say, to a doctor or police officer) they wouldn't understand.

I'm all for teaching your child the proper terminology, but the reason above is not a strong argument.

Children are pretty adamant about trying to make you understand what they are a little thing like a nickname for a part isn't going to stifle what they have to say - they'd probably just point and say "this thing!"

So, here's a question to you: What do you think? Do you have nicknames for these parts?