Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meringue. It's what's for dinner.

I have issues working with meringue. I never realized how difficult it was until I attempted to make some meringue ghosts for Halloween (recommended by Milwaukee's Foodie Mom, Dawn). They turned out more like marshmallow blobs, not the pretty ghosts I saw in the picture.

After explaining my trials with this dessert, Dawn agreed to help me with my next meringue adventure.

Today was declared a "Baking Day." After 5 hours of baking, here's what we made (clockwise, starting with the pink one):

1) Candy cane meringue cookies
2) Peanut butter burgers
3) Toffee bars (with GF flour)
4) Fudge with toffee
5) Fudge with walnuts
6) Chocolate meringue stars

#1 and #6 were from the same recipe, but we crushed a couple candy canes into the first. The fudge was from the same recipe, but we made a batch with toffee bits in place of the walnuts (and sprinkled some toffee on top).

Oh. So. Yummy.

I think it's going to take a while to come off this sugar high.