Tuesday, March 24, 2009

C. Beth giveaway

As you know, I'm all about the free stuff on my blog. Would I be the proper coupon-clippin', deal-seekin' gal if I wasn't?

There is a beautiful handmade giveaway at C. Beth's blog right now.

Her mother makes these gorgeous animal blankets:

You can choose "girl" or "boy" colors and the animal that you want. Hey, even if you don't have kids, this would make a great gift!

All you have to do is leave a comment - how easy is that?!

Please be sure to write that I referred you (because if you win, I win too!).

The Engagement

I said I'd tell you the story of ShankRabbit's proposal. Here it goes...

May 3, 2006 -
ShankRabbit and I head down to Deals Gap, N.C. for "MINIs on the Dragon." This is an annual MINI Cooper owners meet-up centered around the "Tail of the Dragon" - an 11 mile stretch of road of 318 curves that snakes through the Smoky Mountains on the Tennessee and North Carolina border (we'll save the story of my motion sickness for a later date). We had planned this trip for several months, so the fact that I had been down in this area a couple weeks before was a little bittersweet to me.*

May 5, 2006 - After a hearty, country breakfast made by the lovely owners of the Hemlock Inn (the greatest bed and breakfast. Period), we decide to take a hike around the property, as it is set in a beautifully wooded area.

My experiences with hiking - mostly in Galena, IL - were tarnished with the discovery of a tick or two on my skin and/or scalp. It never failed - no matter how covered up I was they'd find a way to latch onto me. Evil parasites!

Not knowing what the woods of N.C. had in store for me (I assumed since we were in the mountains, I'd probably encounter some kind of saber-toothed zombie tick), I threw on as much clothing as I could. Two sweatshirts (one with a hood), a long pair of jeans, tall socks, and a cowboy hat. I would have worn my baseball cap, but ShankRabbit didn't have anything to cover his head (and I refused to let him hike with me until it was properly protected. I wasn't ready to sacrifice his brain to the undead insects).

We hiked around the property for a while and came to a clearing. It was obviously the future site of a home, with a spectacular view. I was glad to take a rest as the 15 pounds of clothing I insisted on wearing were creating a mini-inferno on my body. After all, it was about 70 degrees that day.

We joked about how it would be our home someday. ShankRabbit then said he'd finished the song he was writing for me and wanted to sing it. This was not out of the ordinary as he breaks into song often, so I stood there and listened to these wonderful lyrics:

In a world that's so uncertain and veiled in a curtain
It's you I want to see
Apart from all condition with purest conviction
By your side is what I'll be

It's not just the way you look
Or the cute way that you smile that I love
It's the way your soul invades me
That's led to believing you're from above

And I know you're not expecting what I'm about to be singing

But believe
That when I look into my life
I only see you as my wife eternally

Now you know I wasn't lying
When I said you never could know how much I loved you
And I hope you've started seeing
And maybe believing that it's true

I want you for forever
I need you for forever
Just say the 'yes' and I'm yours

I didn't get it. He even got down on one knee for the last line and I thought he fell. I was about to help him up when it occurred to me, "oh...he's on ONE knee...OH CRAP!"
Cue uncontrollable sobbing.

OMG! I'm engaged!

And there you have it - that is why I wore that hideous get-up and didn't have a stitch of makeup on.


* - In the process of writing this post, I realized the story would not be complete without detailing what happened two weeks' prior. It's not as fun and happy, but in my mind this is an important part to tell...at least for me. That post will follow on Thursday.