Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Accountability: an update

Remember the post from June 2nd (you know, the last time I posted) where I was all "I need to do all this now. No excuses?" Well, here's an update -

1. I will get up earlier in the day...before the hubby and child are awake. I will work on all of my business obligations at that time. This will also be my time for running...bad shoes or not. If I do 3 weeks of consistent running, I will reward myself with new shoes.

This earlier time of day has given me great uninterrupted work time. Work = money...so yay me!
I did really well with about 3 weeks of running. However, I had a laparoscopic procedure on July 1st* and can't do any strenuous physical activity for 6 weeks. So, let's just say this has been deferred for the time being.

2. My business will be up and running by my birthday (August 5th).

My logo is done. Website design ideas are down on paper (virtually) and discussions with my web developer (a.k.a. that sweet piece of keister I call my hubby) will happen in the near future. Also, as far as product goes, I started over with a new larger pattern and have had better results.

3. Once the business is established (and hopefully making money? :) ), I will join a fitness class (not sure where/when/what just yet).

I have found a class I want to take in the fall. I'll let you know what happens come August/September.


* - there will be a post about the surgery at some point. I promise.