Monday, March 2, 2009

Well, I got a post idea now...

First, I would like to thank the sponsors:

A big thank you to Marvy LePens. Your slim style and excellent ink flow make for a great writing instrument

And, of course, to Peanut. For without your curiosity in things that you're not supposed to have, you wouldn't have tried to steal this from me.


When you combine one arm-flailing, angry 10.5 month old and a writing instrument (thankfully capped), one might get an eye injury.

I can't properly see out of my right eye right now. Let's all hope my vision isn't affected for very long. I would prefer to watch Joshua Radin with both eyes, if possible.

Nothin'. Nada.

I have been sitting here for a good 1/2 hour or so trying to think of what to write. Normally, I can think of at least 5, I got nothing. So, in a total "I just can't make a real post today," here is a list of 25 random things about me for you to enjoy:

1. I speak about it fondly, but there very few things I miss from my "Chicago" life. I miss living in the city and the friends I had, but I certainly don't miss my dating life. Or the overpriced tiny apartments. Or the noise.

2. I have a very sensitive nose. Too much of a scent/odor can give me an instant headache. That is why I hold my breath when passing people on the street - I don't want to smell them. Maybe it's because of this that I have great lung capacity. Think about it – walking down a street in downtown Chicago. Yeah...enough said.

3. We definitely want to have another kid someday...but seeing as how great our little one has been, we've half-entertained the idea of only having one.

4. I used to work at Victoria's Secret when I was in college. My favorite task was “bunching” the cotton panty tables.

5. Because of #4, I (used to) meticulously organize my underwear drawer – by type, color, and size. Though with a kid, I don't do it as much anymore.

6. I love love love love organization. The Container Store is my porn. I like having containers for everything...but since I don't, a lot of stuff gets thrown into piles/boxes. It makes me sad.

7. I went to a therapist every week from 11 years old until I graduated high school. I miss it.

8. I like to think that I am the same fun, outgoing person I was in high school, but I'm not. I used to love being on I have severe anxiety attacks just thinking about it. I had to sit down on the stage stairs to give a speech at my best friend's wedding (my legs were shaking so bad I couldn't stand up).

9. It's no secret that I had a rough childhood. Maybe it's insensitive of me, but I hate when people overplay the 'victim' card.

10. I probably would have been a veterinarian (or at least been a volunteer at an animal shelter) if I didn't get so emotionally attached to animals.

11. Giving up my dog was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I check the humane society website on a consistent basis to see if she was returned...even though I know she ended up with someone who could give her the attention I couldn't.

12. I have never felt completely at home in any place I have lived. That is why I don't decorate – I leave that to ShankRabbit. I am hoping that changes with the first house we buy.

13. I've started several art projects to give to one specific person. I can never finish one because I'm nervous what he/she will think of it.

14. If ShankRabbit came up to me today and said his job was taking him to a different state, I'd pack up in a heartbeat. I'd miss friends and family, but I'm tired of the Midwest.

15. I'd love to live in a small town (as long as there was a big town/city not terribly far away).

16. I want to play the uilleann pipes someday.

17. I've had several ideas for possible dream jobs – forensic scientist, miniature maker, the person who makes the clay sculptures for an animation company (like Pixar), luthier, piano tuner, art therapist, microbiologist...the list keeps going.

18. I hate the font Comic Sans. I don't know why.

19. I was thisclose to visiting England for a modeling event, but the trip fell through. I used the money I saved for the deposit on my first apartment.

20. I hate watching fights (fist fights, UFC, etc). In school, kids used to run to watch them, I ran the opposite way. Though, when it comes to people I care about, I'd throw down in a minute. In third grade, I punched a kid because he and his buddy started fighting my brother. They were all two years older than me.

21. I love that my memories are associated with all 5 senses. It makes them very real.

22. My biological mom was a hippie – so pot was no stranger to our household. I had no idea that a glass pipe was drug paraphernalia until I was in 8th grade.

23. I love hearing people's life stories (that probably explains why I love reading people's blogs).

24. My mom was 17 when she joined Ringling Bros. circus. She rode elephants, spun around on the high rope, wore elaborate costumes...I sometimes wish I did the same thing at that age instead of going right to college.

25. One of the most meaningful gifts I ever received was my friends' version of “While You Were Out.” I hope that someday I can do something just as special for them.

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Dance Party Time!
(Have no idea what I'm referring to? the bottom of this post)

Artist/Band: The Police
Song Title: Message in a Bottle
Kid-friendly?: Yep