Friday, December 5, 2008

Tag! You're it!

I've never been tagged online before. It sure beats running around and getting pushed to the ground (hey, I was a skinny klutz of a kid...someone tags me while I was running and my face frequently met the pavement).

1. Link the person who tagged you:
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2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share seven random or weird facts about yourself.
(Listed below)
4. Tag seven others and include links to their blogs.
Um, from what I recall, almost everyone on my blog roll has done this already...maybe not Nate.
5. Let each of the other people know by commenting on their blog.

Without further ado, here are 7 facts about me -

1. I have "spider toes." I can pick up objects, play various instruments, and clasp them together like hands. I'd post a picture, but they are scary. The only time this ever has any practical application is when I'm holding Peanut - she drops a lot of things.

2. I'm a food separatist. Different food items cannot touch on my plate - and if they do, the touched part of each item is not eaten. I've been known to create "food dams" so that this infiltration doesn't occur across my whole plate.

3. The story of how I learned to jump rope: I was in kindergarten and we were performing "Teddy Bear Picnic" for our school assembly. During class one day, the teacher was dividing the class in two sections - those who would just sing, and those who would sing and jump rope. Jumping rope sounded so cool, so I told her I could. It didn't occur to me until I got home from school that I would actually have to jump front of the whole school. I told all the adults at home (we lived in a, dad, aunt, grandma, great grandma) that I needed to learn how to jump rope RIGHT NOW! I think I spent a good week or two practicing every night. When it came time for the performance, I was one of the best teddy bear jump ropers out least I think so.

4. I have no idea what rhubarb tastes like. I've wanted to try it on many occasions, but never did.

5. I am very inconsistent with my pronunciation of the words "coupon" (koo-pahn / keew-pahn) and "envelope" (en-veh-lope / ahn-veh-lope). I have no idea why I change it up - and I'll do it during the same conversation. It drives my hubby crazy.

6. I was a member of the Chicago Children's Choir when I was in elementary school, Show Choir in high school (although I had to drop out right away due to scheduling conflicts), and Gospel Choir in college. Nowadays, you'll NEVER hear me sing in public. No sir.

7. Even though I have mild vertigo, I went up in the St. Louis arch - twice. Both times I couldn't stand when I got to the top and had to crawl my way back to the elevator. Chalk it up to jr. high peer pressure. Hey, at least I wasn't smokin' the reefer.