Monday, December 15, 2008

I won!

I never win contests. Really, I don't. Sometimes I get lucky at a large raffle drawing where nearly everyone gets a prize, but other than that...nada. Until today.

One of my favorite online people / blogger, C. Beth (this lady rocks...check it out), had a giveaway on her blog. Thanks to a random number generator, I won!

I just had to share my excitement. She could have been giving away a rusty spoon and a ball of lint and I'd be just as happy.

Thank you Beth!

I'm a weakling

Things to know:
1) It was unusually warm yesterday (in the low 40s)
2) Instead of the usual snowfall this time of year, we got rainfall
3) Typical to the midwest, the temperature rapidly dropped down to the teens last night and into the single digits this morning (negative degrees if you count windchill)

What does this have to do with me being a weakling? Well, let's put it this way...

Imagine you are in your house. Sipping a warm cup of coffee, staring out at your backyard admiring the bright crispness of the morning. You notice your neighbor heading out to her garage to get her car. She puts the key in the door lock and turns the knob. Nothing. She appears to check the doorknob to make sure it was actually unlocked...tries to open it again. You smirk as you think, "silly woman...doesn't she know her door is frozen shut?"
She proceeds to ram her shoulder into the door like a pee-wee football player against an NFL defensive tackle. She eventually gives up and heads back inside. About a minute later, you notice your neighbor's husband come out to assess the situation. He checks the lock, gives the door a nudge with his shoulder, pops it open, and shakes his head as he returns inside.

What a great morning.