Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have you ever wanted to be a cartoon character?

...even for just a few minutes, so you could see what it's like to do whatever, whenever without the real world consequences? Like, running full speed off a cliff, stopping mid-air only to raise your "YIPE!" sign, and then plummet to the ground...escaping with mild dizziness - illustrated by stars and chirping birds?

That random bit of brain-puke was what I came up with when presenting myself with this question, "how do I get my readers to laugh and possibly not remember that I haven't posted in a couple days?"

* * * * *

I don't think I need to say I have been busy. If I wasn't, I'd probably post 1, 2, 10 times on this blog.

Our best friends, A&B (also known as "Auntie B" and "Uncle White Brows") had their little girl on Tuesday. Auntie B was induced Sunday night...and by Monday night they decided to give her a break because it wasn't taking. Tuesday morning brought Round Two and by 10:35pm the baby (finally!) made her way into the world.

Oh, and a side note to anyone who has to spend time in a waiting room with a young child/children : be prepared for everything. Bring several snacks (of different varieties, because chances are your child will refuse the first three options), lots of beverages (including the milk you assumed you could just purchase at the cafeteria, only to learn that it closes earlier than you thought), various games/movies/distractions, and a contraption in some form that allows you to strap sleepy/whiny/clingy child to you while you walk around. A consistent 22 pounds on your arm seems exponentially heavier as time passes.

* * * * *
This picture is specifically for Sandra -

The view from our kitchen window

I love spring.

* * * * *
Here are the herbs, day 4. Sitting on the edge of ShankRabbit's desk. So far, so good (I think):

* * * * *

We dismantled our rarely-used-for-dining table right before Peanut's birthday (extra space, FTW!). I like not having it in the way, but we end up either eating dinner in our TV room or sitting on the floor of the kitchen (which sounds odd, but for some reason everyone sits on the floor of our kitchen. Considerably well-scrubbed, if you don't mind potting soil). And anyway, we're sit-on-the-floor type people...we love a casual, intimate atmosphere. It's like a picnic, only in your house.

I have been mulling over this situation in my head for a long time. The occasional meal in the TV room is fine...but I don't want to be that family that only converses during commericals (and with DVR, that length of time is about 10 seconds). And I love our kitchen dining, but I fear Peanut will insist on sitting on the floor wherever we go.

My light bulb moment? Remembering this:

(courtesy of istockphoto, obviously)

A traditional Japanese dining set-up.

How fun would this be to have in our dining room? Oooh! I think a Moroccan set-up might be fun too!

Ok, enough rambling. It's hotter than blazes in this office and I have a cold glass of beer juice calling my name.