Thursday, January 15, 2009

With mobility comes injuries

Now that Peanut has mastered the art of crawling (at least she thinks so), she's ready to do more complex things. Just like her father...once something is completed it's on to the next task without a second to breathe. And she's quite the daredevil, too!

She has been pulling herself up on objects for a while now, but she has incorporated a new twist - letting go with one hand to turn around, grab a toy, etc. Most of the time she is pretty good at this...but yesterday her forehead and the wood frame of the floor length mirror on the wall got friendly (she was kissing herself and babbling in the mirror and turned around to see me). She now has what looks like a carpet burn right in the middle of her forehead - about the size of a dime. Add that to the bruise from Tuesday's adventure (shelf + head = pain and tears), and we've got one beat-up looking kid.

*sigh* The product of two klutzes. Poor kid has no chance.