Thursday, March 19, 2009

Link-a-rific...and Giveaways!

This time, I'm not doing the giveaway...I'm promoting giveaways.

"Wait, wait, wait. I'm sure you meant 'giveaway' in its singular form, no?"

No, giveaways - PLURAL!

You just have to stop by Look What Mom Found (it can be done by clicking the link or using the button on the left of my blog). Her spring blog party is in full swing and she's giving away some awesome stuff -

Like a pair of Pedoodles shoes...

Or a RuffleButts diaper cover...

How about some Baby Rock Apparel?

There are other items offered in the giveaway for all those who don't have kids - so everyone, GO CHECK IT OUT!

(A big thank you to Peanut Butter and Smelly's Dad for leading me over there through his blog)

You're right

ShankRabbit used to be the type of person who never liked to admit when he was wrong. In the early part of our courtship whenever I was right, he'd never say, "you're right." Instead, he'd opt not to say anything at all. He has gotten much better about this - even going as far as saying, "you're right honey."
I dare to say I may have been the same way...but, moving on...

Peanut's first birthday is on the 19th of April. We are planning a small* get-together the day before for close friends and family. Our house isn't equipt to accommodate everyone we'd like to invite, so I suggested renting our church's banquet space for the party. ShankRabbit was confident we could do it at home. I disagreed.

Fast forward to yesterday. I had several days to think about his idea and I came to the conclusion that he was right. We'd have to move some of our furniture to the basement and borrow chairs from people, but other than that - we could do it. And with the money we'd save, we could use it for more food and decorations.

So, I hopped on gmail and we had the following conversation:
me: So...I've been thinking
: uh oh
: We should have the birthday party at home
: um
hold on
Let me ask you something
What were you wearing when i proposed to you?
: We could move the dining room table out and replace that with seating...(borrow chairs from others if we need to)...
Oh...uh, bears sweatshirt, guard sweatshirt, jeans, cowboy hat**
: Just want to make sure it's you
and not... some crazy possessed version of you
'cause I'm pretty sure you are asking me if my idea was good
: I'm not asking...I'm telling
I've really had time to think about it
And if it's not nice out, we can still accommodate a good amount of peeps in the house
: Yeah... see
This is going to take like 5 minutes to sink in
it just makes so much sense
and... I'm not used to you making sense
: Hey now!
: And I'd be glad to help you now that all my ideas can come in to play too
: Well, there go all my ideas and half my brain cells! (I just smacked my head into the ceiling). Owie!***
Shankrabbit: Since... you know... all my ideas were based on us at home. Ooouch. I'm sorry.
: OK, butthead...I get it! You rock! You have the BEST. IDEAS. EVER. Bow down to the almighty SHANKRABBIT!
: thank you.

* "small" used to mean 8-10 people to us. But since Peanut was born, we've added more people to our close circle. Now, a "small" party is about 25 - give or take a few.
** I'm sure you're very curious why I was wearing this particular outfit. This requires a post all its own.
*** We have slanted ceilings in our upstairs area...I smack my head on it quite often.