Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sisters, sisters...

Thank you, title writing skills. Not only do you royally suck, but you've gotten the "White Christmas" song stuck in my head.

As you know, I did a giveaway last week and announced the winner on Saturday - Beckiwithani (and C. Beth won as well because she referred her). And for those that don't know, they are twin sisters.

I gave them several options of fabrics to choose from - many colors of flannel, fleece, cotton, etc. They emailed me (separately) what choice they made. Here it is, verbatim -

Beckiwithani: "I love the purple stars fabric, and I think it would look nice with white accents. (Was I correct that one of those whites is a softer fabric? Hard to tell from the pic. But if so, that's the one I'd like as an accent. If not, plain muslin or whatever is fine.)

C. Beth: "
Okay, I really like the [purple] star fabric. Would either of the white fabrics (in the All Fabrics pic) look good for ears and belly?"

I had to re-read these emails several times (and double-check that they did not cc: each other). Did they really choose the same fabric - even down to the accents?


* * * * *

used to wake up at 8-8:30am. Now, it is between 7:15-7:30am.


I really need to start going to bed sooner. Or I need to drink more coffee in the morning. I have a feeling the latter will win by a landslide.

Speaking of wake-up's a question for the parents/caregivers. When it comes to daylight savings time, do you adjust your child's bedtime accordingly? Do they wake up at the adjusted time?

Peanut was too young to notice a difference this past fall. But now that "spring ahead" is coming up, I'm concerned my I-have-serious-issues-with-change daughter may just blow a gasket.