Friday, December 19, 2008

The white stuff

I'm sure you were all crazy with anticipation for my post yesterday.


I was not feeling well. And before you say, "well, don't eat so much sugar and you'll be fine," I have to tell you it had nothing to do with the baking from Tuesday. I, along with our best friend/nanny, had a serious stomach flu. It was rough, but I'm recovering just fine. I'm just hoping that a) "Nanny McPhee" gets better soon (she's about 5 months pregnant) and b) Peanut doesn't get sick again. Potty training is only days away, right?

* * *
Last night, it snowed. It snowed and snowed and snowed. We have about a foot or more of new snow accumulation. Our area is almost completely shut down. So, I didn't have to go to work today and ShankRabbit is working from home (those programmer types...they can work from anywhere).

You know, back in my young'n days, I would have bundled up and taken advantage of all this snow. Snowball fight, snowman...maybe a snow angel or two.

Oh, who am I kidding - we made a snowman was last winter. ShankRabbit and I were in the process of moving and were inspired to leave our apartment complex a snowman. The two little girls in our building loved it. They even added some things to him later on.

If Peanut wasn't so little, we'd all be out there by lunchtime.