Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A short post

What we did this morning:

What do you think the dirt smudge on her shirt means?

A. She's having fun playing "gardener" and asking for more water for her "wah can"
B. She tasted the fruits of her labor...even if it was only the dirt she was digging in
C. Water + dirt = fun mess
D. All the above

* * * * *
The kid is awake from her nap. Time to go play outside some more!


surprised mom said...

Oh, it has to be all of the above! I remember when mine liked to play "gardener." She is such a cutie and has grown so much. I hope she had a lot of fun today!

Otter Thomas said...

She is really cute. I am sure it was all of the above. For me as a little boy water + dirt was always fun even when expressly forbidden.

Isabella said...

@ surprised mom - she had a blast (and slept like a rock that night from all the fresh air).

@ Otter Thomas - Yes, all of the above is correct. :)