Thursday, March 19, 2009

Link-a-rific...and Giveaways!

This time, I'm not doing the giveaway...I'm promoting giveaways.

"Wait, wait, wait. I'm sure you meant 'giveaway' in its singular form, no?"

No, giveaways - PLURAL!

You just have to stop by Look What Mom Found (it can be done by clicking the link or using the button on the left of my blog). Her spring blog party is in full swing and she's giving away some awesome stuff -

Like a pair of Pedoodles shoes...

Or a RuffleButts diaper cover...

How about some Baby Rock Apparel?

There are other items offered in the giveaway for all those who don't have kids - so everyone, GO CHECK IT OUT!

(A big thank you to Peanut Butter and Smelly's Dad for leading me over there through his blog)


Melinda said...

holy smokes mama thanks for the love! DH (Peanut Butter and Smellys Dad) will thank you

Rob said...

I am here to thank you per my wifes above comment. Thanks for the love and for following me.