Monday, June 15, 2009

I can't call it "giving up"

For those that don't know me, I can be one stubborn sonofa' (shut yo' mouth!).

The term "give up" doesn't enter my vocabulary.* Ever. It just doesn't.

So, while loading Peanut into her carseat on Tuesday after our last stop in the "errand" train (drop ShankRabbit off at work, return CDs to library, mail project #2 for Craft Hope and the recall pieces), I happened to glance down at what I was wearing - baseball cap, glasses, no makeup, old t-shirt, my red "Guard" hoodie, jeans (the ones with the safety-pinned zipper) and beat-up flip flops. That's when it really hit me. I won't call it "giving up" as a) I don't use that term, remember? and b) I still have some clothing standards (e.g. I will never leave the house in pajama pants)...but...I've fallen into frumpydom.

When I was pregnant...heck, well before that even, I swore to myself this wouldn't happen. I was never a fashionista, but I made sure I was somewhat presentable on a daily basis. Now...well, now I'm just kind of "meh" looking.

ShankRabbit and I had a pretty good discussion about this. And we came to the conclusion that I'm not necessarily clueless about how to dress well, I just don't have the items to do so.

So, now that my body is pretty close to where I want it to be (I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight, but apparently I left my @ss in the delivery room, because I can't find it), I can start investing in staple wardrobe pieces...and go from there.

We'll just see how this goes.

Here is the frumpy me (I can't believe I'm actually posting photographic proof of this):

Back in the day, when I "tried":

Were you expecting a serious, "good" photo of me? BAHAHA. I just had to post this psychotic-looking photo from our honeymoon that I found in our archives.

* I'm sure ShankRabbit would jump at the chance to say I "gave up" when it came to driving his MINI (stick shift). I know how to drive manual...but the power behind his car scared me. So I rarely ever drove it.


Anonymous said...

You want give up? I went to a tiny store Sunday morning to pick up one item & the woman in from of me had a nightgown & robe on; she was clutching the hand of a toddler who was in turn clutching a half-eaten bagel that looked a little dirty.
THAT is give up. ~Mary

Eternal Lizdom said...

I remember one of the very early days of first being a Mommy when I reached my lowest point- I hadn't showered in about 3 days and I chose to clean myself with baby wipes rather than bear my baby crying while I showered.

Talk about a wake up call!

I'm a no-maintenance gal no matter what. I have to have an ok wardrobe for work. I have a few staple items for church. But when it comes to a trip to the park, running errands, and so on... I could not possibly care any less about my appearance. It's just one of the things that isn't a priority for me. Never really has been. Thankfully, my appearance is sooooo not important to the people who are important to me (husband, kids, best friend).

Personally, I think you look cute in your hoodie and flip flops!!

Sandi said...

lol I always cared about my appearance, got lazy after my first daughter and rediscovered myself after my third. That's when I realized I had let myself go a bit. I now will never let that happen again. :)

Scriptor Senex said...

Funnily enough I did a similar post recently. It is years since I wore a shirt and tie unless someone had died, got married, etc... So once I get home from holiday I'm aiming to spruce myself up a bit. One of the comments it evinced was how looking good makes you feel good as well. I reckon that's true.

Momo Fali said...

If that is the frumpy you, then I am downright dowdy.

Maggie said...

Well, if you decide to let yourself go enough we could always nominate you to be on What Not To Wear on TLC...! :) Kidding! :)

Isabella said...

@ FrankandMary - Whoa. I guess I could look at that situation and say "at least I'm not that bad." :)

@ Liz - LOL...I remember those first few weeks with Peanut (not showering for days on end unless someone was home). I didn't realize at the time how much easier it is with a non-mobile child. Oh, those were the days...

@ Sandi - You let yourself go?! I don't believe that for a second. Though I'm sure you could walk out of the house in a burlap sack with no makeup and still look stylin'.

@ Scriptor Senex - I completely agree with that comment, which is why I'm making my appearance a little more of a priority.

@ Momo Fali - BAHAHAHA! I don't think so. :)

@ Maggie - LOL. Funny...I mentioned the show to ShankRabbit and that's when we came to the conclusion that I'm not inept, I just need to start investing in staple wardrobe pieces. I would purely be on the show for the money and to visit to Nick and Carmindy. :)