Friday, June 5, 2009

It was originally about repurposing...

ShankRabbit and I love to "repurpose." For example, when I had to take a scissors to our recalled pack n' play, I tried to think of other ways to use the residual materials (as long as it was not for baby-supporting purposes, as apparently this version failed at). Here are a couple of our projects -

I made Peanut a pair of soft-soled shoes out of an old pair of jeans:

Look at those chubby baby legs!

(the pattern for these awesome, relatively easy baby shoes can be found here).

**Note: I whipped these up really quick because I needed a good multi-purpose shoe. They aren't pretty, but they work (and we have since added puffy paint "treads" to the bottoms for a non-slip grip).

ShankRabbit made a headboard for our bed out of two small nightstands:

(as you can see, there is barely any room for walking next to the bed, let alone a nightstand)

And since I'm showing you a picture of our headboard, allow me to explain a few things:

1. That "lock" box houses my jewelry. Nothing of importance in there since the most expensive items I own are on me 24/7. So, if there is anyone out there reading who thinks they are going to hit pay dirt by breaking in and stealing this are sorely mistaken. Unless you like name necklaces from 8th grade and several pairs of $1 earrings...

2. Yes, that is a cribbage board in the middle section. ShankRabbit and I like to play a game or two if we go to bed earlier than normal (I know...we're one EXCITING married couple, I tell ya!).

3. My side of the bed houses the "Babyproofing Bible," an InStyle magazine, and a homemade heating pad. ShankRabbit's side has all of our DS games, a devotion book, and the Bible.

4. Eventually, I would like to outfit this with doors in (Plexiglass? Acrylic?) some form of plastic sheeting that will slide across. I will have ShankRabbit run some lights and you've got one heckuva lighting and (hidden) storage option...or at least the pipe dream is there.

So, I realize that I meant to cover how much we love to repurpose and yadda yadda yadda...but since I've gone into depth about our headboard (and felt the need to explain everything), I wonder -

What's on your headboard/nightstand?


ShankRabbit said...

Well, on my wife's side is a "Babyproofing Bible", and InStyle magazine and a homemade heating pad... and on my side is all of our DS games, a devotion book, and the Bible.

Oh... wait...

Otter Thomas said...

I like the word repurposing. I am now saying it outloud. You guys are crafty.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Our headboard houses...

His side: lots of sci fi books. A stack of thin case DVD's. In the middle is a pack of baby wipes, a box of kleenex, and another box that we don't need to go into details about. My side houses the alarm clock/radio/cdplayer, a tray of various hair accessories, and a stack of books.

Isabella said...

@ ShankRabbit - hmm...sounds oddly familiar

@ Otter Thomas - I like that word, too. It describes what we do perfectly...finding a new purpose for something (though, my spellchecker doesn't recognize it as a word)

@ Liz - interesting. I think we'd have a bigger stack of books on our headboard if our we didn't have a huge bookcase in our room. :)

Badass Geek said...

On my nightstand? A lamp, a fan, and my cellphone, two of which are almost always on.

Call Me Cate said...

On my nightstand - alarm clock, lamp, sleep mask, water, cough drops, books angel nightlight. Sometimes a cat.

Oh his nightstand - alarm clock, books, little basket of "stuff", sleep mask, chapstick. Sometimes a cat.

In our nightstands? We're wild and crazy people. Pajamas. And more books. Our headboard has no storage.

I love repurposing things but I'm not so hot at it.

Isabella said...

@ Badass Geek - simplicity, I like it.

@ Call Me Cate - Whoa...pajamas and books! Watch out! :)
(keeping your pajamas in your nightstand is a great idea. I don't know why I never thought of that)

Scriptor Senex said...

First of all can I just say I love it when partners read and comment on blogs. Well done ShankRabbit. So many of us are fighting a losing battle in that regard.

On my bedside table are a digital clock, lots of medicines, a glass of water, my mobile phone, a pencil and odd pieces of paper, a pair of earplugs, my current bedtime book, and, unless it has fallen on the floor for lack of room, a box of tissues. How boring is that lot!