Thursday, June 18, 2009


For those that don't follow me on Twitter (if you don't, just do it already - I'll even provide the link to make it easy on you. Here ya go!), you may not have heard about Peanut's "nap hair."

Our child started off with a basic fuzzhead. Observe:

It took shape as a beautiful, naturally swooped 'do:

We thought for sure her hair would be sparse for a long time, but out of nowhere her hair started to grow. A lot. We've now got a crazy little mane going...and you know what? I adore it! The best part is what we call her "nap hair."

Recipe for hair goodness: add one tablespoon of heatbox child to a heap of crazy sleep antics. Let bake for 2-3 hours. Voila!

I am not amused.

Now, at first I was calling her "Flock of Seagulls" girl. But, after reviewing their photos, like this one...

I realize I did not do my daughter's hair justice. It would be better described as the lovechild of Rick Astley and Lyle Lovett's hair. Am I wrong?

Or all three? ((shudder))

And what does mom do when Peanut wants to drape a scarf on her head? Tie it on and take pictures, of course!

"Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match..."


Badass Geek said...

Awesome. I want hair like that.

Call Me Cate said...

I think my nephew is working on the same head of hair. His mama might disapprove of the scarf but Peanut totally rocks it.

Scriptor Senex said...

I wish my hair was growing gorgeously like that - it's started to reach the receding stage instead!

C. Beth said...

So cool--I love the scarf pics.

I think it is pretty Lyle Lovett-ish. But she's FAR cuter than Lyle.

ciara said...

i just wanted to say that peanut looks a lot like her daddy. does he have that swoopy hair? lol very cute :)