Friday, June 26, 2009

Cake or death?

I've talked before about my general dislike for any kind of bug in the house. We had our issue with spiders, silverfish (though, if it's anything like last summer, this will only get worse), and the occasional odd bug here and there. It's an old house, what can ya do?

My husband, the keeper of my sanity and "do it yourself-er" extraordinaire, got a pest control product for me us last weekend. We have yet to try it out, but I'll let you know how it works.


So, while I'm daydreaming about someday being able to relax in our TV room and not have a silverfish fall on me (ew. ew. EW!), I notice a strange dead spot in the landscaping on the side of the house. At first we thought it was damaged from the bad rainstorm we had a week or so ago, but upon further inspection, it's an ant colony. A LARGE ant colony.

After surveying the rest of the property (it's not big, so it didn't take long), we noticed at least three other areas of the yard where the little buggers have destroyed the grass and set up shop.

Now, I've said before that I don't mind bugs when they stay on their own turf (read: outside)...but this is excessive. They are destroying the lawn and creating more work for me in trying to keep Peanut from smashing and playing with ants (good thing she hasn't taken to eating them...yet...).

I asked the Google gods how I could get rid of an ant problem without going chemical-crazy. Of course, it returned a lot of answers. I'm not sure how effective these are, but here are a couple I found interesting:

- Sprinkle grits or Cream of Wheat around their colony. They will eat it and eventually die of starvation (it expands and they can't digest it).

- Pour a few gallons of boiling water directly over the colony.

Geez. I'm not trying to extract top secret information from them; I just want them to leave. Do I have to resort to torture?

I know, I know, they are just ants. But doesn't this seem...extreme? I guess it's better than sprinkling chemical death on their abode. And I'm sure politely asking them to take their business elsewhere won't work either. Though, maybe if I asked the queen herself...


Jason said...

I'm all for whatever would get rid of them quickest. I've had ants get into my house ONCE and it will never happen again.

C. Beth said...

Definitely no advice from me. But I'll proudly join you as an ant hater.

AK said...

hate hate HATE silverfish..

Seth said...

We've recently dealt with this issue (still dealing with said issue). We tried Raid baits. Essentially little spikes that apparently the ants take the goodies into the queen and deal a death blow...all the colonies have over run these supposed death traps :(...yeah, read about the hot water thing too, do that if you want to perminently kill the grass! apparently it may not even kill them, just drive them deeper, then they come up somewhere else...Luckily our neighbor stopped by and used a little "magic dust" (ie. chemical killer that you can't buy anymore...So you know it's GOOD!. anyway, we'll let you know if it works...not like it'll help your situation..sorry..
I'd go for the swiftest deadlieast approach. If they get in the house...eeeeehhwwwww.

Merriam said...

One of my friends recently got her kitchen re-done and apparently the construction workers found an ant colony and, I believe, blew it up. It wasn't a huge explosion or anything, and I don't think it was ginormously chemical-y. Anyhow, there are no more ants in the house now, which is always a good thing ...