Monday, February 16, 2009

Food and projects (not food projects)

I am incapable of making a box of macaroni and cheese and not eating it all in one sitting. I feel overfull after I'm done, but I do it every time. You'd think I'd learn. Someday I'll tell you all about how I can't wait for things to cool down before I eat them.
Though my food behaviors would tell you otherwise, I am a human...not a puppy.

* * * * *

I completed another project over the weekend. I'm really proud of myself because I started it on Saturday and was done this morning...with TWO of the same thing. I know, I know...who is this and what have I done with Isabella?!

I was under a deadline. Our landlord (also one of ShankRabbit's coworkers) and his wife are having twin girls. She is due this week! I only found out about it on Wednesday, so I can honestly say I didn't procrastinate on this one.

I have a couple more items to add to the gift, so I won't post pictures until the gift is ready to go out the door...but it will be by tomorrow at the latest.

OK, I'm off to lie in a mac 'n cheese-induced food coma on the floor with my child. Have a great Monday!

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