Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Catch-Up

You would think I'd post more on the weekends - more free time and such...but it's just the opposite. Yes, we have more "free" time, but that's usually spent soaking up as much family time as possible.

Item 1: A breakfast I will not be eating...
ShankRabbit is flexing his piano/singing talent for the kiddies of "Breakfast with Santa" this year, so Saturday morning was very quiet without him around the house. While Peanut engrossed herself in her books (read: gnawed on), I got a chance to work on the uber-secret Christmas project.
I don't know how it happened - maybe it was the intoxicating thoughts of Christmas decorations, laughing kids, and wonderful tunes - but I will be playing an elf the next two Saturdays at this gig. I'm not making any promises, but a picture or two may be posted documenting this event.

I should have an elf name. Anyone got any ideas?

Item 2: Stay, Isabella...stay! Good girl!
As of the 23rd of December, I will officially be a "stay at home mom." I put that in quotes because I don't care for the phrase...and it's purely me being silly. I hear that term and think, "well, where else would I stay?"

I will miss this company and my coworkers immensely, but this is something ShankRabbit and I decided was the best for our whole family.

Time to dust off the Crock Pot!

Item 3: Randomness abounds!
I enjoy peppermint/mint tea. A lot. But don't put peppermint in my white chocolate mochas...I may have to hurt you.

I put Peanut to sleep in fleece pants and a fleece sweater last night because she peed on her last clean pair of fleece jammies. Not "peed in" as she usually does each night, but peed on...I hadn't quite gotten her diaper around her before she decided it was time to go.

Speaking of...

**This is a question for any mommies/babysitters/nannies/knowledgeable types. Peanut SOAKS through her diaper at least 2 times a week. It's not a fit issue...she just pees a lot! Does anyone know of how to remedy this (aside from changing her in the middle of the night...she already gets up once and I change her then, but most of the time this doesn't help)?


Momza said...

HI there,
I found your blog thru C. Beth method for cutting back on uber-wet diapers is to cut back on fuilds before bedtime. I've had a little I'm a Mom to 7. Good Luck!

Isabella said...

Welcome! I always like to see new faces. :)

I've tried cutting it down a little bit and it seems to work - but then she'll wake up at least one extra time during the night to eat. Maybe I should try to give her more fluids earlier in the evening, so by bedtime she won't need as much?

As you can tell, I'm a first-time mom. :)

Kerry said...

Have you tried experimenting with different brands of diapers for bedtime? We have a similar problem with Pampers at night, but Huggies work pretty well. Can't do Huggies in the daytime though because...well, Poo Fountain ought to sum it up.

Isabella said...

@ Kerry -

Yes we have. Nothing against Huggies, but they don't work for Peanut (doesn't hold anything or night).

I guess we'll have to keep trying different ideas...until then, a once-every-other-day washing of her sheet and mattress pad. :)

C. Beth said...

For Zoodle, putting him in a diaper one size up, just for nighttime, has cut our leakage down so it's infrequent now, and he was leaking very often.

Isabella said...

@ c. beth -

I have heard of doing that...but the next size up for her is 22-37 pounds (she's only at 18-19 right now)! I thought that would be too big...but from what you're saying, it might just work for nighttime. Thank you.