Wednesday, December 10, 2008

'Tis the season to be jolly...

"...and so begins the onslaught of holiday goodie baskets - displayed for all to eat."

This is what I messaged to my husband this morning.

Our office executives get wonderful food baskets during the holidays - everything from cheese and sausage to fruit and chocolate. Being the generous types, they open it up and share with the whole office. I'm not one to complain - their generosity is much appreciated (my no-breakfast tummy will confirm that). But when you have a sea of chocolate covered everythings and a tin of pistachios staring at you from a mere 5 feet away, you have to indulge. And then you hate yourself at the end of the day because your meal schedule looked like this:

7:30 am - arrive at work. caramel turtle.
8:05 am - get cup of tea from the kitcken. handfull of chocolate covered nuts.
9:00 am - groan when you discover there is a huge tin of pistachios you missed - take one handful.
10:20 am - get print job from printer. take more chocolate covered nuts and pistachios. decide that nothing else gets printed today for fear of eating more.
11:00 am - drop mail off in someone's office...notice they have a basket on display with things like brie, creme brulee cookies, and other extravagant stuff. cut visit short and leave before temptation sets in.

On a typical day, I would have had a yogurt, banana, and maybe a bowl of cereal by now. I'm not even to 12pm and I've already had enough chocolate for the rest of the week...and still, no real substance.

Here's to hoping we get a lot of fruit baskets in the weeks to come. Harry & David, anyone?


C. Beth said...

WOW--your 11 a.m. self-control is VERY impressive! :-D

Word verfication: beast

Isabella said...

I should have done a follow-up showing how much more chocolate and pistachios I ate after that. Not one of my finest moments, let me tell you. But it got me through my day - and that's what counts, right?