Monday, December 1, 2008

Obligatory Introductory Post

Here I am. I caved and started my very own blog.

I'm not a virgin to the blogosphere by any means...I have a livejournal, a family blog, and I sometimes (ok, once so far) contribute to my husband's techie blog. Blogging is very familiar to me. However, this is the first official public blog of my very own. I am in complete control over every aspect. How cool?! Although, it has its drawbacks:

1. I have no one to blame when something goes awry
2. I have to take full responsibility for spelling errors, grammatical errors and general nonsense
3. Its my own fault if posts are few and far between

Meh...who cares. If you are looking for Pulitzer-quality writing, you've come to the wrong place. Hell, you may want to skip blog-reading altogether. But, I digress...

Here's an intro to they key players in my life:

"ShankRabbit" - my husband, best friend and all around good guy.
"Peanut" - our easy-going, smiley 7.5 month old daughter.

So, there you go. Welcome to my new endeavor. I hope you find something of worth of here...or at least something to read while you're on the crapper (that's what laptops are for, no?).


C. Beth said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I totally read on the pot. Shh--don't tell anyone. Oh, wait, already revealed it in my blog....

Isabella said...

Yes, you did. And oddly enough, I read that entry doing the same thing. I figured I should come clean, too. :)