Monday, December 22, 2008

Last day

It is officially my last day at work. I've passed on my responsibilities, packed up my personal belongings, and now I'm sorting through the many file folders sitting on my desk.

And in honor of my last day (at least I like to think so), one of my coworkers brought in a small CrockPot of Lil Smokies in barbecue sauce...a very yummy departure from the usual chocolate and cookies that occupy the "food corner" (a.k.a. the counter space across from my cube). the spicy aroma of a non-sweet got to me. I've admittedly had a couple servings already. nom nom nom...

Where was I?

Hmm. I can't remember where this post was going. Great.

Well, when I've collected my thoughts, I'll return with a more substantial post. Let's just leave this as an 'adieu' to the company I've been with for more than three years.

I'll miss it here.

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C. Beth said...

Congratulations--that is so exciting!!