Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sisters, sisters...

Thank you, title writing skills. Not only do you royally suck, but you've gotten the "White Christmas" song stuck in my head.

As you know, I did a giveaway last week and announced the winner on Saturday - Beckiwithani (and C. Beth won as well because she referred her). And for those that don't know, they are twin sisters.

I gave them several options of fabrics to choose from - many colors of flannel, fleece, cotton, etc. They emailed me (separately) what choice they made. Here it is, verbatim -

Beckiwithani: "I love the purple stars fabric, and I think it would look nice with white accents. (Was I correct that one of those whites is a softer fabric? Hard to tell from the pic. But if so, that's the one I'd like as an accent. If not, plain muslin or whatever is fine.)

C. Beth: "
Okay, I really like the [purple] star fabric. Would either of the white fabrics (in the All Fabrics pic) look good for ears and belly?"

I had to re-read these emails several times (and double-check that they did not cc: each other). Did they really choose the same fabric - even down to the accents?


* * * * *

used to wake up at 8-8:30am. Now, it is between 7:15-7:30am.


I really need to start going to bed sooner. Or I need to drink more coffee in the morning. I have a feeling the latter will win by a landslide.

Speaking of wake-up's a question for the parents/caregivers. When it comes to daylight savings time, do you adjust your child's bedtime accordingly? Do they wake up at the adjusted time?

Peanut was too young to notice a difference this past fall. But now that "spring ahead" is coming up, I'm concerned my I-have-serious-issues-with-change daughter may just blow a gasket.


Call Me Cate said...

I have such a fascination with twins for reasons I won't even begin to go into here. How cool that they picked the same fabrics!

As for time changes, I have no kids. But I do notice that my cats have no concept of time no matter how often I explain it to them. They don't understand weekends and they don't understand DST.

Scriptor Senex said...

My partner is in her late 50s (but don't let on I told you that) and she still hasn't worked out how to adapt to DST (or BST as we have). It takes her about sixc weeks to get used to the change... If you find a way of getting Peanut to accept it please let me know!

Isabella said...

@ Call Me Cate - I have a fascination with them as well. For me, it's purely because I'm not one.

Hahaha! Cats are pretty darn smart. I have a feeling they understand quite well...they just choose not to listen to you (at least, that's how I felt with all the cats I ever owned).

@ Scriptor Senex - If I find a way, I'll certainly let you know. In the meantime, I'm preparing myself for a late bedtime.

C. Beth said...

Hey, I didn't realize you'd blogged about us! Love it. :)

For me I do shift bedtimes--but our bedtimes aren't EXACT anyway, so shifting them an hour hasn't been a problem for us; we don't even have to do it super-gradually.