Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thank you, Chex

I am in the process of writing up a recipe post about homemade refrigerator pickles (for those that follow me on twitter, this is old news). In the meantime, I thought I'd share a picture of what I woke up to yesterday morning:

8 boxes of Chex cereal (8th one not pictured as it is on the counter, already opened).

Why do we have so many boxes?

1. Buy 8 boxes of General Mills cereal, get $10 off and 2 coupons for free gallons of milk ($3.25 value each).
2. Up until recently, only their Rice Chex were gluten free. Now, they offer Honey Nut, Chocolate, and Strawberry Chex...all gluten free. For my husband who is stuck eating bland cereal all the time*, this is a major breakthrough.

So, we'll be eating a lot of cereal in the days to come (I've been told that a bowl of Chocolate Chex makes a nice dessert option).


* Yes, there are flavorful gluten-free options out there for cereal, but they require a trip to the health food store and cost more. It's nice to have a mainstream option.


Badass Geek said...

It is awesome to see that more companies are making gluten-free products these days.

Otter Thomas said...

I am glad you found more gluten free cereal. I couldn't eat that much cereal in a years time.

Scriptor Senex said...

I haven't seen anything like these this side of the Atlantic. As you say, gluten-free usually means a trip to the Health Food shop and a lot more money. I have a friend on a gluten-free regome and the worst thing - as your husband will know only too well - is eating out.

surprised mom said...

I might have to look into gluten free food for my youngest. It's nice to know that there are tasty cereals out there and she won't be stuck eating bland ones. Thanks!

Eric the Bolton said...

If I had that much chex cereal. I would have eventually used it to bread chicken...