Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I need sewing help!

Ok, I'm bringing my request to the masses...maybe you (or someone you know) can answer?

As you know, I have a very basic (but very nice) Kenmore Mini Ultra. And I'm asking it to do a very simple task: sew on knit and jersey fabrics.

My sewing machine does not like it. AT ALL. It skips stitches, eats the fabric, moans like a dying whale...

I have tried every goshdarned combination of solutions to (what seems like) a very simple problem - ball point needles, changing tension, interfacing, synthetic thread...nothing is working.

Can anyone help?


Melisa with one S said...

That fabric is a mother f-er (sorry) to sew. The problem is, it needs to be held tight so the stitches don't jump around, but if you hold it too tight, you're stretching while you sew. (You probably know that, though)

But I found this! It might help:

Isabella said...

I'll have to take a look at that link. Thank you!

surprised mom said...

If anyone can help you it's Melisa with one S. She's amazing.
Sorry I can't help you, but I do admire you for being able to sew.