Friday, May 1, 2009

Anyone been in the same boat?

I am about to talk about my child and poo. If you'd rather not read about it, then skip over this post. Warning has been issued.


Peanut is super-stopped up (like, when changing her diaper I can actually see the poo ready to come's just not moving). With the introduction of cow's milk a week or so ago, this is something to be expected...but not to this extent. I've gotten several ideas on what to do from my pediatrician's office (their staff is absolutely amazing, by the way), but it's heart-wrenching to see her shake and cry in pain when she tries to poo...with no end result.

It's no surprise that she is all out of sorts right now.

We have a list of things to try, so I'm not short of ideas (e.g. watering down her milk, eliminating all other dairy products, up the fiber, straight prune juice in addition to her usual pureed prune intake, pedialax...), I just want to know who else can sympathize. I could really use the "hey, I've been there" comments right now.


Jason said...

Neither of my boys had this problem but my niece had it something fierce. I know that my sister added prune juice to her milk. It sounded disgusting but it seemed to work.

C. Beth said...

Yeah, it's not fun at all. We've gone through it with Zoodle. It's not going to be fun when she poops out the hard "plug." But that's what you need--to get the "plug" out so the rest can follow.

Our best luck has been child-sized glycerin suppositories. He didn't like it, and neither did we, but it got the "plug" out, and by making sure he had tons of fiber we tried to keep the poop movin' after that. But all the fiber in the world won't make the "plug" itself softer, KWIM?

We have had to use the suppositories 3 times I think. :(

C. Beth said...

The other thing some parents have to do is actually using their finger to help get the poopy out. I've never had it visible like you're talking about so never had to use my finger.

This stuff is so fun to write about. And even MORE fun to go through. :-/

V.W.: "ounces" as in, I hope Peanut loses a few ounces soon!

Call Me Cate said...

Hey, I've been there.

No, actually, I haven't. But I'm trying to be supportive. Good luck!

Isabella said...

@ Jason - fortunately, she likes straight up prunes, so we don't have to put it in anything else.

@ C. Beth - Yep, the plug...that describes it perfectly. I had to do a little bit of the "manual removal" today, but it still didn't work completely. We didn't introduce gluten into her diet until a week ago, so she is just starting to get good amounts of fiber. Hopefully, that combined with the amount of prunes she's getting she'll get back to normal.

@ Call Me Cate - Thanks! Any sort of support is appreciated. :)