Thursday, April 9, 2009

My head is going to explode...

Last night, I was laying lying horizontally positioned on our kitchen floor. Peanut was playing peek-a-boo with my bellybutton and smacking me in excitement every time it 'surprised' her. ShankRabbit, in the middle of making dinner, looks over and says, "why do you look so sad?" I answer, "I'm not sad...just...too much." So, to prevent my head from exploding (and hoping that I can once again create full sentences when talking), let's explore the list:

1. My (physical) health - had to add that clarification, because we all know my mental state is slightly skewed most of the time. Not much to tell other than everything is probably fine, but the doctors don't know. A lot of fuzzy answers...and as Call Me Cate mentioned, "better to have fuzzy answers than fuzzy meat. Just saying." I couldn't agree more.

2. My fosterdad is visiting me Friday morning. This is the first time he'll see our house and meet Peanut (skipping over lots of details about why this is just happening in the interest of space and time). After The Great Furniture Move of 2009 on Tuesday, I have some major cleaning to do. Crap.

3. We are more than likely going to sell one of our cars and become a one vehicle family. I am a little excited about this (saving money - what a concept!, driving ShankRabbit to work, etc.), but I have an unnatural attachment to SR's car. Seriously. I cried the other night just thinking about it (If you're thinking, "who cries over a car?!" Just remember my warning about the month of April).

4. My checking account is anorexic.

5. I agreed to write an article about myself for our church's newsletter. They spotlight a volunteer in every issue. I just got a "friendly reminder" email yesterday saying it's due today.
The stream of words that came out of my mouth after reading that were not church appropriate.
Let me save you all the trouble and scold myself -
"geez oh Pete, Isabella, what were you thinking?! You hate writing, especially about yourself, and you agreed to write an article? Are you high?!"


I'm sure I have more of these swimming around in my head, but right now I'm plagued with writing something more interesting than "Jennifer is" on this newsletter article.


Call Me Cate said...

Maybe you can submit one of your blog posts! No? I don't have many that the church would want to publish either.

I love when my random tweets show up in someone's blog and I'm all "*I* said that? Really? I must've been on crack again" and then I wonder if I'm sleep-tweeting. Next thing I know, you'll tell me I sent that message in the middle of the day.

Hang in there on the fuzzy answers. I'm dealing with a load of them too and I'm feeling SO over it. I can totally relate to the "too much" so I hope you get some down time soon.

Scriptor Senex said...

Hope the visit goes well. And I virtually cried when I had to give up my car and rely on Jo's. It can be quite traumatic. (Mind you I was also having to give up driving but I think it was a combination that had me near to tears).
Hope the too much doesn't become too little. A good balance is what you need!

C. Beth said...

Oh, man--all the little stuff (and possibly big stuff--health) definitely adds up. I'm sorry it was such a rough day.

Kerry said...

Claire.... :(

Oh, friend...CallMeCate is right. Fuzzy meat (while fun to say) is not cool.

So F. Dad is coming up, huh? No F. Mom? I have words, words that would not be appropriate for your church article. But, you know, that's just cuz I always want to kick the butts of those who cause you stress.

Rob said...

Like people always say for some reason it is the small stuff that gets you. I hope you are ok and everything gets better for you. We were a one car family at one time but then I go a job to far from home and couldn't leave my wife with no car. It is rought but the savings are nice!