Wednesday, March 25, 2009

See Isabella Write.

My baby needs SHOES, people!

Ok, maybe "need" is a little strong.

Peanut is not walking yet, but her unassisted standing has increased exponentially over the past couple weeks. Walking is so close I can taste it - "it tastes like FEET!" (one of the best "Friends" episodes ever). And why shouldn't she be able to do that in style?

I'm not willing to donate a kidney to afford some of the other children's shoes on the market (I won't name names, but it starts with a Stride and ends in Rite). I also don't want to put cardboard cutouts on her feet, either...they just don't go with anything.

Look What Mom Found's giveaways keep getting better and better. I'm coveting a pair of See Kai Run shoes (visit their website here).

I bet most of you are thinking, "Would you just quit it with your giveaway posts already?"

If making a simple blog post means I get an extra entry...then you are out of luck for now.

* * * * *
On the docket for tomorrow - a serious post (for once). Titled - Engagement: The Prequel.

Methinks this is not an appropriate "serious" sounding title for the subject matter...but it will have to do.


C. Beth said...

I don't buy Stride Rite either. Though we do have an outlet and I hear they are about half price there. I would be willing to pay half. :)

But I've gotten some great deals on Amazon for Chickie's shoes lately

Isabella said...

Fortunately, we've been gifted all of Peanut's shoes so far (except for her muy supercool boots - those were picked out by ShankRabbit)...but she is pretty close to outgrowing her last pair of shoes.

Amazon, you say? I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the idea!