Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Peanut Scissorhands, the Demon Child

How to make sure you are diligent about clipping your daughters fingernails -

get sliced across the cheek with one of her talons.


* * * * *

As I posted before, we attended a wedding reception on Saturday. We had a lot of fun, but this threw off Peanut's routine. She went to bed WAY late, got up an hour earlier and spent Sunday being "clingy demon child." Think Jack-Jack from "The Incredibles"...minus the cute baby part. Of course, with all the change going on, her nap/eating schedule went to crap...thus causing another late bedtime and a 4am wake-up call.

By Monday morning, this was the conversation ShankRabbit and I had once we heard her babbling in the monitor:

Me: *grumble, grumble* I SO don't want to get up.
SR: Heh. Yeah, I don't think she's very high up on your list right now...
Me: No. She's just below coffee.

I love her. Really I do.

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Katie said...

we are constantly getting cut up by Mara's nails. I swear, no matter how many times I trim those nails, there is always somehow one sharp one to slice me!!