Thursday, February 19, 2009

No creative title comes to mind

Sorry about the crappy post today. Three reasons why -

1. I didn't do my usual evening write up the night before. Peanut was trying to negotiate her actual bedtime (read: took A LONG time for her to finally crash for this night).

2. I took Peanut to the eye doctor today to participate in the InfantSEE program (free eye exam for children under a year old). She wasn't too happy about getting a light in her eyes and eye drops, but she did pretty well. And I - er, she - even got crayons out of the visit, too.

3. I wanted my giveaway to be the first post on this blog for a little while longer. And if you missed it, go here.

* * * * *
Did I mention I got my hair cut and colored on Tuesday?

I went to a new stylist. There's nothing wrong with Sarah, the girl I always go's just that a gift certificate to a different salon = new stylist for the day.

I get a little nervous going to someone new. I have very curly hair that can be quite temperamental - there is a history of bad haircuts to back me up on this one. Like this one (though this was for a hair's supposed to be wild and crazy):

Me, circa 2001
Three shades of red and itty-bitty "fringe" on my forehead. Not too bad, really. However, once I got home and showered, the semi-permanent red color on top bled, leaving behind a ketchup and mustard hue. So hot.

But, after all was said and done...I'm happy with it. And no, it does not look anything like this photo. Thank God.

I'll post a picture eventually. I still haven't found my camera battery charger. Do you know where it is? Your guess is as good as mine right now.


Scriptor Senex said...

Have you tried looking in the fridge. Don't ask me why but there was a mobile phone in ours the other day!

Isabella said...

Haha! No, I didn't think to look there...but I would have considered it if ShankRabbit hadn't found it this morning (in his laptop case).

So, a mobile phone in the fridge...that's a new one for me. :)

Call Me Cate said...

I hate it when he find mys things - in his bag, under his desk, etc. Because, of course, *I* never ever move *his* things around. ;)

Glad you're happy with your hair. Mine's getting chopped tomorrow and I have no idea what I'm doing with it yet. Maybe there is good hair karma in the stars right now.

Isabella said...

@ Call Me Cate -

Technically, it is our camera. So I shouldn't say "mine." But, what's mine is mine, and what's his is mine...right?

I've been talking to him about this elusive battery charger for a while now...he has no idea where it is. Then, this morning, he says, "oh...did you look in my laptop case?" Didn't know that was a common hiding place for such things.