Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home phone hatred

I never had any ill feelings toward our home phone until today. I was in the process of getting Peanut down for a nap. We were lounging in her rocker, both half asleep, listening to the radio. All of the sudden:


We both jumped. I cursed the phone for not only scaring the beejebus out of me, but setting my nap progress back by 20 minutes. This leads to me being temporarily upset at the person who called...like they should know what I'm doing at that time.

* * * * *

Peanut has been waking up from her naps very sad. I am now required to cuddle her for at least 15 minutes after she wakes up or else she flies into a crying fit. But I can't complain - a) there will come a day she won't want to cuddle anymore and b) she takes pretty good naps, which allows me to get a lot done.


C. Beth said...

Must be in the air.... Zoodle has been waking up and crying after naps too.

Isabella said...

Wow...that's so weird. Good to know it's not just Peanut.