Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why I save...

Hello, my name is Isabella, and I'm a pack rat.

I've always been this way. We didn't have much money growing up so anything I got, I saved. For example, my parents weren't the sentimental types...so if I did really well on a spelling test I would hang it up in my room, not on the fridge like many other families did. This led to many folders full of graded classwork and projects littering my room.

Even moving out of my parents' house (at age 11) I kept up my pack rat ways. But in the process of moving from one foster home to the other - at times with only an hour's notice - I lost a lot of things. But this didn't stop me from trying to save what others might throw away...ticket stubs, class notes, papers/projects for school, etc. This is what I did to bring "home" with me wherever I ended up. It was familiar and it was mine.

I am much better now. I wasn't terrible about it, but I have learned to cut back. Now most of the clutter on my desk and in various parts of the house are due to not wanting to sort through the crap and throw it out...not because I have an attachment to it.

So, admit it...any other pack rats out there?


C. Beth said...

My husband tends to be a pack rat. His mom doesn't like to get rid of things.... I think he got it from her. :)

My clutter is generally like your desk clutter--stuff I haven't gotten around to throwing, or giving, away.

Isabella said...

Funny...my husband is a little bit of a pack rat as well - mostly with computer/techie type stuff (things he may be able to salvage and use for something else).