Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Songs

The First Noel, O Christmas Tree, Deck the Halls, Away in a Manger, Feliz Navidad...those are just a sampling of the songs I associate with Christmas or holiday music. However, there is one they play on all the radio stations this time of year that doesn't make sense to me:

"My Favorite Things" - from The Sound of Music

What, just because they have a few lines about snow and sleigh bells, that makes it a Christmas song? According to Wikipedia:

The wintertime imagery of some of the lyrics has made "My Favorite Things" a popular song during the Christmas season, and it often appears on holiday-themed albums and compilations, although in the show and movie it is sung during a summer thunderstorm.


So, I'm curious...what do you think?


C. Beth said...

Kinda weird. I haven't noticed that.

But in my opinion, the more I can hear Julie Andrews sing show tunes, the better! I like to pretend I'm her. I'm sure my voice sounds JUST as great, too. (Uh huh. Right.)

Isabella said...

I agree! She has a beautiful voice.

You know, if you were ever looking for a family costume for Halloween, that could be it - characters from Mary Poppins. I'm sure you'd make a great Mary. Or if you really want to mix things up, go as the bird lady. lol

Sam said...

Hi Isabella, I tagged you on my blog today. Sam

Caitlin said...

I've always wondered about that too. Maybe because Christmas is a time when you think of your own favorite things? I don't know. I think I just made that up.

Isabella said...

@ Sam -
Thanks for the tag. Gave me something to write about today. :)

@ Caitlin -
That reasoning sounds better to me than what Wikipedia offered up. And I'd listen to Julie Andrews over the Carpenters any time (they overplay their holiday songs every year...ugh).